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" I had something new and different done with my hair, and Penny did a beautiful job! The work she did was classy and professional, making my color and cut really stand out. Also, I'm never someone to buy products usually, but the line of products she carries are natural and organic products that she put real effort and research into. It's not the same stuff you see everywhere else. I love my conditioner I got, you can smell the fresh orange peel in it! I'm really happy to have found her, and I'm excited for next time." Georgia F.

"Penny is an absolute wizard with curly hair. Not only does she do an amazing color job on my stubborn grey hair, she also takes the time to keep up with new techniques and products. Oh and did I mention her cute dog Trixie? That little sweetheart is the icing on the cake."

- Gloria K

"I have very curly hair that is turning gray. I'm not ready to confess my age. Penny cuts and colors my curls. She uses gentle products that last a long time. No stylist has ever cut my curls like Penny. She is not afraid to make suggestions. She gave me highlights that look exactly like I imagined them...golden lights that brighten my face and are perfect for Spring...normally highlights dry my hair, but not so with Penny. My curls are soft and silky! I am extremely happy. I totally trust Penny and highly recommend!"

Laura H.

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