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Have you wished there was a way to simplify your hair care routine & not have so many products? Now you can with Hairstory!  One product cleans & conditions at the same time!  Choose from 3 unique formulas to achieve healthy, manageable hair.  Plus, save 20% off your first order with free shipping.  They even have a subscription service so you'll never run out.

If you've been wishing you could get hair care that's custom formulated for your specific hair type & goals Prose is the brand you've got to try. They have an easy to follow questionnaire with pictures so you'll get it right.  Is your hair fine but super curly? They have just what you need.  Have allergies?  They can even create hair care that's gluten free & vegan.  You can even choose the fragrance or unscented.  The bottles look really high end too.  Their natural active ingredients are all sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. They're always free of parabens, sulfates, cruelty, & GMOs. Free shipping & returns.  For water soluble choose silicone free.

Is your hair damaged from highlights, color or neglect? K18 is the bond repairing treatment I use in the salon & is my preferred product to improve hair health. It goes deep into the hair strand's cortex to work it's magic. I use 1-2 pumps per section on clean towel dried hair. In 5 minutes it's imbedded in the hair & you're ready to apply a leave in conditioner, rewet, & apply your styling stuff. You'll use very little of this amazing elixir & it works fast. Results get even better with continued use.

This is my favorite portable hooded dryer. It folds up fairly small for easy storage. You just set it up on a table or counter & back up your chair to it. Set the temperature, get comfy & relax. Perfect for drying your hair or for hair masks.

Wet Brush is the best detangler out there. This one gets through even the most tangled hair. Best when used on soaking wet hair with conditioner applied. Also does a terrific job distributing styling stuff.

Want to try the best microfiber towel for drying hair quickly without making it frizzy? Aqui Towel is the one to get. Use it to blot or plop.

This is the best selling 100% silk satin pillowcase on Amazon. It protects your hair from getting frizzy while keeping you cool & your skin smooth. It comes in several colors & pillow sizes.

The Drybar hairdryer is super powerful for drying your hair quickly while preventing frizz.  This is a total game changer if you have long thick hair & no patience.

Here's the diffuser that fits the Drybar. Perfect for getting your curls/waves/coils dry quickly while preventing frizz.

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