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curl specialist with her dog


entered the beauty industry out of a genuine passion for fashion. My motivation to stay in this field lies in my desire to help people look & feel their best. Additionally, being a salon owner enables me to express my creativity, particularly in the realm of natural curls & waves. I am constantly expanding my knowledge on caring for & enhancing curly hair through specialized training, such as DevaCurl Inspired & Raw Curls Academy. I am enthusiastic about teaching clients how to properly care for their natural texture & enhancing it with subtle, natural-looking highlights. Beyond my professional life, I have a playful & lighthearted personality, indulging in crafts, roller skating, singing, and spending time with my trusted companion Trixie. When you work with me, expect to learn how to manage your unique curly, coily, or wavy hair for consistently great hair days. You may even get the bonus of cuddling with Trixie! 

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